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Hi fellow Gallup Strengths coaches!

I've designed a cheatsheet resource that will help keep your coaching sessions going smoothly (particularly useful for virtual sessions!) – great for beginner Strengths coaches. It covers everything that you need to cover in a normal coaching session (contracting, the 'middle' – powerful questions, and wrap-up/takeaway), plus key questions and insights from a Strengths focussed perspective. I collated all the relevant info from the learning materials into an easy-to-digest, fully customisable format – once you copy over the board to your own account you can customise it however you like for your own needs and preferences. 

Buy it now for £20 & enjoy easy-breezy, laser-focussed Strengths coaching sessions with your clients today! 

Resource includes:

  • Help your client understand his or her strengths profile 

  • Contracting 

  • Gallup evaluation notes for clients 

  • Gallup coaching evaluation statements 

  • First impressions discussion guide 

  • Initial questions 

  • Self awareness questions 

  • Aspirational questions 

  • Five clues to talent 

  • Mining for strengths 

  • Appreciating the multidimensional aspects of strengths 

  • Strengths appreciation discussion guide 

  • Questions that can lead to openings 

  • Investing in strengths discussion guide 

  • Using the strengths wheel to explore a goal or challenge 

  • Your filter: through the lens of one of your signature themes 

  • Wrap-up

  • Help your client appreciate their talents 

  • Strengths name it! claim it! aim it! framework

  • Five principles to inform an individual's strengths journey

  • Notes on strengths coaching conversations 

  • Visual cards questions 

  • General coaching questions 

  • Solutions focussed questions 

  • Clarifying goals questions 

  • Generating solutions questions 

  • Encouraging action questions 

  • Career questions 

  • Goal questions (GROW model)

  • Reality questions (GROW model)

  • Options questions (GROW model)

  • Will / wrap-up questions (GROW model)

Please note this resource requires that you create a free account with Trello if you don't have one already. 

Please note this resource is based on information and learning resources from Gallup, Inc. on their CliftonStrengths coaching methodology but is not created nor endorsed by Gallup, Inc. 

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